“SOFAB aims to educate and empower its students to gain a deeper understanding of finance and related career paths. Our vision stands to equip individuals with the right tools and enhance their skillset for a diverse range of career paths”

                                                                                            -Abdul Kadir, President 2020/21


SOFAB is a student-run non-profit organisation based at The University of Manchester that is open to every student from all backgrounds, degrees and ages. In partnership with professional corporations and Alliance Manchester Business School, we aim to help our members secure successful roles upon graduation. SOFAB differentiates itself by encouraging its members to start building their careers early on through internships, training and networking. Furthermore, we provide invaluable information regarding spring week, summer internship and graduate scheme applications as well as a platform for students to share their experiences.


With 41,000 students, we believe that The University of Manchester provides an enormous pool of like-minded people that all share a similar objective of success; we as a society would like to bring together these students and help them fulfil their ambitions. This year we aim to:

• Grow our network of members by ~50% to 1500 members.
• Virtual Portfolio: Introduce Manchester’s first student-run relative

return fund.

  • Aid our members in developing the necessary skills to build a successful career through hosting regular skills-based workshops.

  • Offer valuable information on how to get Spring Weeks, Internships and Graduate programmes by inviting sponsors and alumni for presentations.

  • Give our members the platform to develop a life-long network of professional peers.

  • Continue to be one of the fastest-growing societies by cross-marketing into other fields of study.